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    Sweet Hot

    Some like their mustard eye-watering hot. Some like real chill mustard that'll show up looking spicy but have a sweet side to not draw too much attention. Sweet Hot is that chill mustard. They've toned down their fresh ground mustard seed with raw Northwest honey and backed it with a host of mouthwatering spices. Invite this mustard to your party and try it on everything!


    Inspired by mustard based BBQ sauces, they flipped the southern classic on its head and crafted a BBQ based mustard sauce. It has all the great smokiness and just a tad of sweetness that any good BBQ sauce should have, along with the refreshing kick of the mighty mustard seed. Kick your baked beans up a notch with this one or fire up the grill and use it as a marinade with pork or chicken.

    Black Truffle

    This fancy flavor was one of Oprah's Favorite Things for 2019! Mustard & Co. searched far and wide for the best truffle infused olive oil they could get their hands on, mixed it in with their core set of ingredients and magic ensued. The flavor of truffle up front with the kick of the mustard seed on the tail end is a perfect combination when used in deviled eggs topped with pickled mushrooms.

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