Boy Smells Candles


Dyed coconut and beeswax blend with braided cotton wick

Glossy black glass tumbler


50 - 60 hr. burn time // 8.5 ounces

Comes in embossed matte pink box


See info section below for scent notes

  • Scents


    resin, hinoki, cardamom, jasmine, moss and guiac

    SO WARM—A resinous aroma of smoking Japanese cypress and jasmine petals. Warm and meditative with an element of earthy spice notes and quiet, fresh moss. Studies note that hinoki's vibrant timber can induce physiological relaxation. An absolute cold-weather necessity to warm and invigorate the nasal senses.



    cedar, labdanum, juniper berry, sawdust and white musk

    A prettier take on the classic wood scentcedar chips and dried tobacco are led into deeper spiced floral notes of labdanum, while notes of peppercorn add a light bite to this smell, both modern and nostalgic. It's instant glamping in candle form.



    tomato, petitgrain, white tea and honeysuckle

    Citrus groves and tomato gardens give vibrance to this scent of flora still clinging to the vine. Dominant notes of orange tree bark, tomato juice are rounded by drops of honeysuckle nectar.



    coconut, pink peppercorn, orange blossom, coal and clove

    Ancient volcanic sands extend right to the edge of sweet tropic foliage in this scent, reminding us of the lush cycle of life, death, and renewal. Return to the island.     



    black currant, peach blossom, jasmine rice, cardamom and white cedar

    In the French language, LES is the plural article used for both masculine and feminine nouns. It is also the acronym for one of New York City’s most vibrant neighborhoods—picking up on notes of rice powder, peach blossom, cardamom, cedar and Asian pear, to name just a few of its many notes. All in all, this scent is an unexpected, non-binary, cross-cultural, olfactive exploration—embracing the eclecticism that is the Lower East Side.



    oakmoss, fig, plum, vanilla and yuzu

    Oriental notes of yuzu and Asian plum play dominant roles to create a fruit forward scent. Grounded in earthy oakmoss, it remains feminine and lush.



    frankincense, saffron, redwood, poppy and pomelo

    Redheads are rare and fervent, much like the ingredients in this namesake candle. Grounded in redwood cedar, notes such as frankincense, amber, and cashmeran add a regality. Vetitver and ginger add spice, while saffron and poppy add an exoticism.



    firewood, smoke, charcoal, palo santo and hay

    Sometimes you have to burn everything down to start new. Dry hay and black coals permeate throughout the burn. A lingering accord of bright juniper berry round out this modern, smoky scent.



    ginger root, peppercorn, grapefruit and leather

    Named after French colonist Paul Blanchy, the expat who made fortunes exporting peppercorns from Vietnam in the 1870's. A bold journey through spicy ginger, fresh cut grapefruit, and tanned leather. Complex and adventurous.

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